Bustling Bodrum


A popular day trip from Kos is over to the Turkish port of Bodrum.

The name Bodrum derives from Petronium, named from the Hospitaller Castle of St. Peter and before that it was known as Halicarnassus.


As soon as you set foot off the boat you’re straight onto the bustling harbour complete with colourful stalls full of traditional local wares.

Then we duck into the old town’s shopping streets complete with a scene that can’t get more Turkish if it tried!


Huge Turkish flag, check! Massive evil eye, check! Gorgeous blue and white details, check!

We wander the maze of streets soaking up the atmosphere (and the donner kebaps)

There’s lots of restaurants on Kumbahce Bay that overlook the pretty shingle beach and we pop into one for a beer and a GIGANTIC piece of cake!!

The sheer terrifying joy on my face says it all.

Plus there’s the additional joy of being able to dangle my feet over the sparkly clear water.


Speaking of crystal clear water, here is the lovely little town beach that runs behind the shops and restaurants.

It’s small but perfectly formed. . .  just like someone else I know . . 🙂

A key lure for visitors to Bodrum are the huge markets including a cavernous indoor one close to the bus station.

To find it head to Dolmus Station and the covered pazar is on the north side of the station.


Inside you’ll find a labyrinth of stalls with vendors touting everything from knock off designer brands to traditional Turkish crafts.

While out on the street ladies sell oils, herbs and spices to pep up your home cooked meals.


Some quirky street art catches my eye as usual, bikini clad women with furry rabbits heads!

I feel really rather sorry for the floppy bunny who is looking somewhat perturbed…..


All too soon it’s time to head back but as we wait for the ferry to take us back to Kos we have a perfect view of the castle.

Built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15th century it overlooks the harbour and the marina.





  1. newmexicotoitaly · November 20, 2017

    I quoted your tag line at the end of my blog post today…. I’ve always liked it.

    • collymarples · November 23, 2017

      It’s one to live by! 🙂

  2. Valentina · December 7, 2017
    • collymarples · December 10, 2017

      fab blog and your pics look awesome 🙂 the hotel looked amazing too. Thinking of heading back to Bodrum to spend more time there and maybe explore around the area too

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