Agios Stefanos Beach

Up bright and early we’re off to the well known Agios Stefanos Beach, stopping to admire some traditional church architecture in Kos town first though.

Agios Stefanos Beach is a stunning stretch of postcard perfect sand that has the added attraction of actual ancient ruins at the water’s edge.

Alongside the stunning turquoise waters, the tiny islet of Kastri, is capped by the picturesque church of Agios Nikolaos.

The golden beach is lapped by crystal clear shallow water and you can walk a fair way out before it starts to get deeper.

The ruins of paleo-Christian churches or basilicas still remain just a few steps from the sea and make for an impressive sight.


Naturally we have to hire a pedalo to make the short journey across to the island of Kastri (naturally as in, I refused to swim across!)


Despite it being a fairly windy day the man is determined to hire one with a slide so he can reenact being a man child! Hence some rather amusing selfie shots!

Custom dictates that anyone who makes it across the channel to the island and climbs the rocks must ring the bell at the pretty white and blue chapel


Here the man demonstrates his favourite posing stance complete with teeny tiny shorts.


Behind us the sea stretches out into the distance with a myriad of blue and green waters.

There’s some stunning views down to the gorgeous shimmering waters below.


Naturally the mountain goat’s eye’s light up when he spies a high cliff that he can repeatedly throw himself off….

The whole place is a lovely spot to while away hours of relaxation and contemplation.

Time’s nearly up on our pedal hire so we hop back in the tiny vessel and head to shore.

After a fantastic day we head back into Kos town to “enjoy” some traditional Ouzo. (bleh)

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