Religious art

The Cathedral of Santa Maria, or the the Cathedral of Cagliari, has an incredibly ornate interior with geometric marble inlay creating mesmerising patterns.

Heading underground to the crypt you come to the Martyrs’ Sanctuary, so called because there are around 179 niches containing the relics of the martyrs of Cagliari.

Heading back into the city we find yet more ornate old churches whose weathered exteriors are of gently fading pastel colours.


Inside even the most mundane looking buildings you can find a wealth of awe inspiring details and soaring flights of decorative fancy.

As an added bonus we are treated to some exquisite old balconies complete with old shutters and verdant window boxes.

And some cute little doors and rosy walls, all beckoning you inside for a peek.

And as always around every corner is yet another church looming large over the city.

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The city swings wildly from refined old elegance to cartoon street art and weathered poster collections.


As we have a time to kill we also visit Cagliari botanical gardens, but as it is October there is not much in flower.


However you can find a variety of impressive trees and cacti that still intrigue with their sculpture shapes and textures.

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