Stunning sands

Sardinia is a beach lovers paradise with mile after mile of stunning sands and seas.

The North West coast up from Alghero is no exception so come with us as we explore some of the frankly amazing coastlines on this gem of an island.

Driving out of Alghero the first beach we stop off at is the magical Spiaggia Maria Pia.

Climbing up from the road through sand dunes in a lush, fragrant forest you can hear birds chirping and inhale the scent of pine before the beach opens up before you.

This shimmering white sand beach is around 1200 meters long with excellent views of Fertilia, Alghero bay and the tiny Isola della Maddalenetta.

After having a quick paddle we head back into the car to travel further up the road past Fertilia to another little beach – Spiaggia Bombarde.

This beach has a bar and restaurant and it’s here we sit to watch the sun begin to sink.

I love the sunlight of this time of day as it drenches everything in golden syrup light.

Then it’s back in the little pap pap and back to enjoy another sundowner on the glorious Alghero harbour walls.

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