Jewel bright waters

We’re coming to the end of our Sardinian adventure but on the last day we see possibly the very best of this stunning island. Hopping on a boat tour around the coastline from Cala Gonone we’re treated to some truly spectacular rugged cliffs and the most beautiful water yet! I can honestly say that IContinue reading “Jewel bright waters”

Cosy Cala Gonone

Hairpin bends bring us ever closer to our final stop on the Sardinian adventure – Cala Gonone. It has a sheltered town beach, a pretty crescent of shingle lapped by navy and turquoise seas.   Once unpacked we’re celebrating our 11th anniversary in traditional style – with pizza! 🙂 Cala Gonone is a jumping offContinue reading “Cosy Cala Gonone”

Plethora of paint

There’s a last lingering look at the amazing murals of Orgosolo now before we head onwards. I love the combination of faded pastel portraits of people with the flaking, peeling paint of old doors and metal work. Below Mahatma Gandhi ministers to the poor and dwells on the plight of the impoverished. This colourful houseContinue reading “Plethora of paint”

Multitude of murals

As we continue our exploration of Orgosolo’s outdoor art gallery we come across everything from political and historical paintings to cubist style works. Below is a painted reproduction of a movie poster for the famous Bandits of Orgosolo, a 1960 Italian film drama directed by Vittorio De Seta that featured local shepherds as some ofContinue reading “Multitude of murals”

Ogling Orgosolo

Moving away from beaches for a while we’re heading to the isolated town of Orgosolo. Hidden in the midst of 1,000-metre-high mountains, surrounded by wild pine forests and a byword for lawlessness and kidnappers, Orgosolo is also an open air art gallery thanks to hundreds of murals that cover every wall, house and shop. PaintingsContinue reading “Ogling Orgosolo”

Captivating Capriccioli

We’re heading to the last of the stunning Costa S’meralda beaches now – the lovely Capriccioli. It’s a small beach with a length of 200 meters is surrounded by an abundance of lush Mediterranean brush, with olive and pine trees. The beach is divided into two parts by enormous granite rocks and is a gorgeous stretchContinue reading “Captivating Capriccioli”

Spiaggia del Principe

Next on our coastal trip around the Costa S’meralda is the gorgeous little sandy spot of Spiaggia del Principe. Spiaggia del Principe, also known as Portu Li Coggi, is one of the best beaches of Costa Smeralda. The Prince’s Beach is aptly named as it was the favourite beach of Karim Aga Khan IV, theContinue reading “Spiaggia del Principe”

Romantic Romazzino

Romazzino beach is the next sandy spot to be bagged on our Costa S’meralda coastal tour and it’s a beauty. In the middle of the beach you’ll find a pier that stretches out into the warm(ish) waters! While bizarrely shaped, weather beaten rocks appear haphazardly dotted along the sands. The wind has abated somewhat butContinue reading “Romantic Romazzino”

Rough seas and windswept sands

Onwards with our tour of the Costa Smeralda coastline and this time we’re treated to the sea at its windswept best. The water has transformed into a boiling, seething mass of navy fury topped with foamy white horses at Cala Liccia. To get to this empty, wind whipped shingle beach we have to do aContinue reading “Rough seas and windswept sands”

Costa S’meralda

We’ve settled into our little hotel – the gorgeous Dolce Vita close to the celeb’s hangout of Porto Cervo. Now we are all set to explore the stunning beaches of the Costa Smeralda, one of the highlights of this gem of an island. Costa Smeralda is around 20km of jaw droppingly stunning beaches and coastline toContinue reading “Costa S’meralda”