Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Moving on from the lovely brownstones of Brooklyn Heights, we’re off to get some of the best views of Manhattan from this side of the East River.


Walkers, runners, rollerbladers and sightseers all stroll along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It’s one of the best places to check out New York from a distance.


Running alongside the East River you have stunning vistas of the Manhattan skyline across the water.  It’s lined with benches, little areas of parkland and even a small beach.


Brooklyn Heights Promenade is just 0.3 miles long but packs a mighty punch in terms of sights.

The promenade opened in 1950 and was built to protect Brooklyn Heights from a proposal to build an expressway through the heart of the neighbourhood.


The promenade is another New York filmic hot spot featuring in Annie Hall, Moonstruck and Saturday Night Fever.



You can see the skyscrapers of downtown Manhattan and towering One World Trade Centre.

We can also spot the bustling South Street Seaport close to our hotel and the ubiquitous Brooklyn Bridge, the iconic link between Brooklyn and Manhattan.


It’s well worth the short stroll – although it is only a ten minute walk at a quick pace you’ll spend considerably longer just admiring the iconic views.

Next up more stunning views of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge park.

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