Ha Long Bay

Our first trip in Vietnam is to a spot I have long hoped to visit – Ha Long Bay.

We booked a two night tour with Vega Travel. Here’s the itinerary we took part in.

A night on board a boat floating in the bay followed by a night on Cat Ba island. Plus canoeing, cycling and visiting some awe inspiring scenery.

We board our little transfer boat at Ha Long Bay wharf and then we get our first glimpse of the incredible, iconic scenery that makes the area a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Ha Long Bay is known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests.

It might be a bit grey but it is still impressive (and humid!).

Below you can see some of the famed emerald waters in just one of the many tiny little coves to be found.

We cruise past the hundreds of islands and islets of Bai Tu Long Bay area that is lesser traveled by tourist and well-known for its magnificent seascapes.

Then it’s time to get wet! Hopping into two man kayaks we’re off on a canoe safari!!

Naturally the wild man is enjoying getting active while I prefer to be ferried around capturing the sights!

We spend a few hours exploring the tranquil, off the tourist trail, areas of Ha long Bay.

The bay itself is starting to show the stress of being a major tourist attraction, with 100s of boats clogging up certain areas.

Luckily the Vega Travel tour is one of a few operators that has a license to operate in parts of the bay that other’s can’t, meaning that we felt less crowded and a little closer to how the bay would have once felt.

As well as canoeing we stop off to visit Trong Cave (Drum cave) and Trinh Nu (Virgin Cave).

Again we have the chance to appreciate just some of the stunning scenery.

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