Myrtos Beach and Argostoli

Back to enjoying the gorgeous scenery of Kefalonia from way back in 2019 . . . here’s the view down to Myrtos Beach.

It’s a long way down to the incredibly choppy beach where the man loses his prescription sunglasses – and sight!!

Check out the vivid blue of the very rough sea behind me . . far too choppy to swim in – unless you’re my fool of a husband that is!

This crappy quality footage gives you a little taste . . .

Below is the aftermath of the loss of the sunglasses – and having to drive back nearly blind . . .

Our next stop is the town of Argostoli which has been the capital and administrative centre of Kefalonia since 1757.

It’s getting a bit overcast and rain is threatening, but we still have time for a quick potter around.

Lots of colourful souvenirs and architecture to happily snap away at.

The De Bosset Bridge (formerly Drapano Bridge) is a stone bridge built in 1813 over the bay of Argostoli. At 689.9 meters, it is the longest stone bridge over the sea in the world.

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