Gosh, it’s the Great Orme!

We’re now in August 2020 and the pandemic is dragging on – but little did we know we were only just at the beginning!

We’re limited to travels in the UK but we’re spoilt for choice really.

So we’re off for what turns out to be a few roasting hot days in North Wales. Starting with a flying trip up the Great Orme.

The Great Orme headland is a massive chunk of limestone that rises 207m/679ft straight out of the sea.

Little wonder that its name, given by the Vikings, means ‘sea monster’.

You can reach the top via a multitude or methods – on foot if you’re feeling fit, by road, tram or by the swaying cable cars you can see here!

Then we’re whizzing around Llandudno, Caernarfon, Port Meirion, Rhos Neigr and Llanberis Snowdon. Plus some ziplining and baking on beaches!!!

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