Stunning seaview

We’ve hopped on the ferry back over to one of our favourite places – the Isle of Wight.

Even though it’s a fairly small place – just 22.5 miles from East to West – it packs a punch in terms of things to do and places to see.

We drop our kit off in the hotel in Ryde and pop for the obligatory stroll along the pier.

Ryde’s pier, opened in 1814, is the second-longest seaside pier in the country. Only Southend’s is longer.

Then we’re heading straight for the gorgeous little village of Seaview. We drove through this on our first trip to the island and were determined to explore it more.

One of the first things you will see, apart from the lovely beach, is the Sea View Yacht club.

The Sea View Yacht Club was established in 1893 and sailing has taken place from their clubhouse ever since.

The club occupies an enviable position on the waters edge looking out across the sea.

You can take a narrow path along the water’s edge that leads you away from the little town centre and further along the beach.

Lots of houses and accommodation backs onto the sea path and most have little jetties and private boat launches.

The sand and shingle beach gently slopes down towards the steely blue sea.

Then joy of joys – we stumble upon a cluster of colourful beach huts – the British seaside staple – that probably now cost more than your parent’s house did!

A rainbow bright delight!

The hubby is more interested in soaking up the sunshine on the beach though . .

And that’s about it for Seaview for now- a lovely little place to explore.

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