Cream teas and fairy trees

We’re leaving the bracing bluster of St Helen’s beach and onwards – but not before I investigate a highly decorative fairy tree!

Its long dead branches form a stark artwork against a cloudy sky scape.

But its naked branches have been adorned with a whole host of whimsical fairy decorations.

Moving on from the fairy folk, we’re heading back to one of our favourite places on the island – Rosemary’s Vineyard!

First on the agenda is treating ourselves to one of their epic cream teas complete with a peaceful view out over the vines.

Then a quick inspection of the larger than life swan boats that have been marooned on dry land every time we visit!

Before a walk through the vines, a crafty taste test and then the all important buying of vino!

As well as white, red and rose wine the family run company also produce ciders, juices and fruit liqueurs.

Plus they have a distillery that produces vodkas and others boozy delights including the stunning Mermaid Pink Gin – with strawberry and samphire, yummy!

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