Lost gardens of Heligan

As a keen gardener I have wanted to visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan for several years now and back in 2021 we finally made it!

The gardens have a long and distinguished history with a manor house first being built on the site in the 1200s and acres of formal gardens being laid out

However the start of the decline of the gardens began with the outbreak of World War One when most of the estates’ male workforce were called up to fight – many of who would sadly never return.

By the 1970s the grand house was turned into flats and the gardens were forgotten about completely, left to languish in obscurity until they were discovered again.

A hurricane in 1990 lead to the gardens being rediscovered and since then an epic restoration project has been underway to transform them back to their former glory.

There’s now 200 acres of gardens to explore with formal areas, sculptures and a wild jungle scape to explore too.

Gaze on sleeping giants and mud maids as you explore the sculpture trail.

Take a sub-tropical journey through bamboo tunnels and under majestic tree ferns, giant rhubarb and bananas as well as this rickety rope bridge! Just like being back in Thailand or Vietnam 🙂

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