Horseshoe bend

The most iconic view of Lake Skadar, used in all the tourist info, is not actually of the lake at all! It’s actually of the incredible horseshoe bend in the Rijeka Crnojevića river. I’m on a mission to find it – so back in the car we hop, and the hubby sets off on anotherContinue reading “Horseshoe bend”


After the vertiginous views from the monastery we’re heading to the lovely little mountain town of Žabljak. Zabljak is the highest urban settlement in the Balkans, located at the altitude of 1456m in the middle of Durmitor National Park. Žabljak is surrounded by 22 mountain peaks over 2200 meters, 18 mountain lakes and the TaraContinue reading “Žabljak”

Floral heaven

Madeira is known as a floral heaven due to its unique mild climate and you can’t move for a riotous bounty of colour and fragrance. The national flower of Madeira is the exotic and gorgeous ‘Bird of Paradise’, also called the Crane Flower and Strelitzia. The island is strongly influenced by the Gulf Stream andContinue reading “Floral heaven”

Lost gardens of Heligan

As a keen gardener I have wanted to visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan for several years now and back in 2021 we finally made it! The gardens have a long and distinguished history with a manor house first being built on the site in the 1200s and acres of formal gardens being laid outContinue reading “Lost gardens of Heligan”