Mount Teide

Now we head to pay our respects to the iconic grand old master of the Island.

Teide, or Mount Teide, is an impressive volcano and its summit is the highest point in Spain. 

If measured from the ocean floor, its height of 7,500 m (24,600 ft) makes Teide the third-highest volcano in the world and is described as Earth’s third-tallest volcanic structure.

So we’re floating up on a cable car, always a treat!

There’s 50% less oxygen at the top of the volcano so you can feel a bit breathless.

Teide is the most visited national park in Spain and the eighth most visited in the world with around 3 million visitors yearly.

The lunaresque landscape surrounding the volcano is home to some weird and wonderful flora including these stately echiums.

What an incredible sight the majestic beast is against a pure blue sky.

Leaving behind Father Teide for now we’re heading into the hills again.

We’re still so high that we’re above the clouds.

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