Delightful Deia

Onto Deia now – another stunning mountain village with heaps of history.

Sat in a ravine at the foot of the Teix mountain, with views out to the Mediterranean below, this is one of the most attractive villages on Majorca.

Deià has long been alluring for famous artists, writers and other creative people – including the writer Robert Graves whose house is now a museum here.

Graves was an English poet and novelist who first moved to Deià in the 1930s to recover from the Great War. Below is the village library dedicated to him.

The village itself only really consists of one main street and a few smaller alleyways, with a handful of shops and restaurents.

But the real lure is the breath taking scenery that you can see at every turn with the impressive mountain range looming above you.

Here’s a short clip to give you a real sense of the sunsoaked scenery.

A 30-minute stroll from the village takes you down to Cala Deià – a small rocky cove with a shingle beach.

It’s a LONG walk down though so be prepared! I went one way then demanded to be ferried back so the hubby had to walk back up the hill to get the car!

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