Floating in Funchal

We’re catching the Funchal cable car up to the botanical gardens.

The cable car takes you 3200 meters upwards to the parish of Nossa Senhora do Monte, created in 1565 and now just known as Monte.

Funchal shrinks into the distance as we head upwards. Resembling a tiny toy town way beneath us.

Maderia is home to several world renowned botanical gardens, with two at the top of the cable car alone, including Jardim Botanico.

There’s 100s of species and a gorgeous formal garden with wide ranging views over Funchal.

It’s my birthday too so celebrations are needed with cheesecake and the traditional Madeiran Poncha drink. A mix of rum and fruit.

Then we’re off to take in more of the exotic floral delights.

There’s also a beautiful traditional A frame house example.

Definitely getting some garden inspiration from all this horticultural overloading!

Hot pink bougainvillea and painted nettle. I actually bought a few painted nettles when I got home but the slugs were very partial to them and ate them all!

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