Steep ride down

You will know by now that we LOVE a cable car ride and Madeira is positively bursting with them. From the huge slick operation in Funchal to some decidedly hair raising little ones originally just for farm transport.

One of the latter types is the notoriously steep Achadas da Cruz cable car which transports local farmers and visitors down an impressive 98% slope – it is almost vertical!

To add to the risky feel of the whole operation, when we first arrived the cable car was closed due to high winds.

But the operator then changed his mind . . I think it may well have been the growing queue of tourists with money that changed his mind rather than any noticeable change in meteorological conditions!

We’re second in the queue to board and if we’re worried then it certainly doesn’t show #grimaceoffear

The cable car terminates at the windswept, and completely empty agricultural hamlet of Fajã da Quebrada Nova.

Until 2004 the only way for farmers to get to tend their crops at the bottom of the cliff was via boat or an incredible long winded footpath of nearly three miles – so the tiny cable car provides a much needed service to locals (as well as thrill seeking tourists like us!)

Safely disembarked at the bottom we’re literally blown along the shoreline to explore the windswept hamlet.

Empty for now, this hamlet is sporadically repopulated by farmers tending their crops, and by occasional families looking for complete and utter tranquillity during milder, warmer days.

But for now we got to enjoy it completely alone – if somewhat wind whipped!

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