Bustling Burano

Enjoy some more vividly coloured delights of Burano as we take a tour of this tiny island.

The history of Burano started when inhabitants of Altino escaped from a barbarian invasion and found refuge in the islands of the Venetian lagoon.

They named the islands after the gates of their former city including Murano, Mazzorbo and Burano.

In the background below you can see the leaning campanile of San Martino’s church which is due to subsidence.

The island’s main industry was originally fishing but it also became famous for its detailed lacework.

Now tourism is the main business of Burano, mainly due to its amazingly colourful streets.

One of the tales about why the houses are so vivid is so that fishermen could see them in the fog and find their way home to their own uniquely coloured homestead.

The island has three canals, each lined with a sumptuous array of deliciously hued homesteads.

While some homes are freshly painted in eye searingly bright hues, others are more muted and faded by the sunlight.

It’s definitely worth taking the trip out from Venice to spend a few hours soaking up the atmosphere.

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