We’re off to one of my absolute favourite places ever (again). The jewel bright island of Burano.

Hop on a vaporetto from Venice out to this little delight and experience the feeling of living in an actual rainbow.

Burano is known for its multitude of small, brightly painted houses. The whole island is like a manic child’s craft box.

Casa Bepi is the most famous home in the city and this multi coloured delight boasts an array of colors and geometric shapes.

The colours of the houses in Burano follow a specific system – despite the evidence to the contrary, residents can’t just paint their homes willy nilly.

If someone wants to paint their home, they need to send a request to the government, who will then let the owner know which of colours are permitted for that lot.

 The island rose in importance in the 16th century, when women on the island began making lace with needles, they were introduce to the skills via Venetian-ruled Cyprus.

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