Punta san Viglio

 Driving along the hair raising roads of Lake Garda, you could easily miss this next little slice of paradise – Punta San Vigilio.

This gorgeous little peninsula, owned by the Guarienti Counts of Brenzone, is part of the Municipality of Garda.

It’s a tiny little village, completely on its own with a clutch of cobbled streets, beautiful Villa Guarienti and a very expensive waterside restaurant and tavern.

Below is Locanda San Vigilio, a 16th century building that today houses a hotel and restaurant with a wonderful terrace overlooking the lake.

As it’s late in the day we nearly have this little delight all to ourselves so can soak in the endless views.

It’s hard to believe that this epic expanse of water is a lake and not the open sea!

But Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy after all. Measuring 32 miles in length from north to south and 10 miles at its widest point toward the southern end of the lake.

In total Lake Garda has a perimeter of 98 miles – which we (hubby) are driving around over the next few days!

But before the epic road trip begins in earnest, let’s just soak in some of this glorious late evening sun as it gilds the mellow old stones.

We’re in rich company as Punta San Vigilio has seen some illustrious visitors in its time including the King of Naples, Winston Churchill, Vivien Leigh and our very own Prince (now King) Charles of England.

Hitting the road we’re headed to our first stop of the lakes – the most Northern tip of Lake Garden, the mountain town of Nago Torbole.

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