Heaven on earth

We’ve spent the night high up in the hills of Nago Torbole at the most northern tip of Lake Garda, and now we’re heading down to the lakeside town of Torbole.

And my word, what a stunning place Torbole is, with its dramatic mountain ranges dipping down to kiss the blue waters of the lake.

Finally, this really feels like we’re in the breathtaking, spectacular lakes of the Grand Tour and the Romantic Poets.

Torbole fascinated German poet Goethe, who described its winds as one of the wonders of nature. His descriptions prompted many young painters and poets to visit Torbole on Lake Garda as part of  their Grand Tours.

Due to the constant, highly regular winds on the lake here, and the ban of motor boats, Torbole has become an international centre of windsurfing and sailing. It’s a true paradise for watersports lovers!

The northern lakes have two regular winds – the Ora and the Peler and it’s these consistant breezes that make the northern towns such meccas for windsurfers.

The Ora is a southerly wind, which starts at noon and blows until the early evening hours. The Pelér is a north wind, which begins in the second half of the night and continues until late morning.

No matter where in the world we are, the hubby manages to find, and consume, caffeinated beverages!

I have to be dragged away from this slice of heaven on earth – the rest of the lakes are going to have a lot to live up to!

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