Dusting off

Been pretty quiet on the blogging front recently – too busy planning new trips and new adventures.

This year we’re heading to Athens – our first time on the Greek mainland, Montenegro – which has been on the list ever since we visited Croatia many moons ago – and then a fortnight exploring the archaeological marvels of Egypt for the hubby’s big 50!

So lots to look forward to – but in the meantime I have been delving back into the archives for some travel memories 🙂

Here’s a few from one of our first ever trips abroad together as a youthful, fresh faced couple.. the beautiful aquatic city of Venice way back in 2008.

This was before my irrational need to take 1000s of photographs took hold – so a few less than usual.

So young – and so beard free . . although I prefer my grizzly grey husband’s facial hair these days tbh . .

It was a fairly grey November that we visited Venice the first time so the photos are all quite muted, plus mists rose off the canals in the evenings – very atmospheric but also quite disorientating!

The waters had risen quite high, lapping over onto the walk ways and flooding parts of the city in some places.

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