Mountains and Marble

Today is a day of contrasts. First up we’re heading up Mount Ypsarion.

The green mountain covered with pine trees sets the backdrop for the white sandy island.

The highest peak of the mountain is about 1,208m above sea level and it is very breezy!

Then from the heady heights to the balmy delights of the stunning Marble Beach.

Saliara Beach is a swathe of blindingly white pebbles – so far, so ‘normal’ Greek beach.

But this is no ordinary beach. The millions of tiny white pebbles are actually marble chips.

Thassos is world renowned for its marble and quarries can be found all over the island, including close to the beach.

The marble creates a unique, otherworldly quality to the beach with the sea a milky turquoise colour set against ochre rocks.

The sea is very shallow so its great for paddling and the water is delightfully warm.

It is a dusty and difficult journey to get to Marble Beach and your car will get covered in layers of white dust, plus your suspension won’t thank you for it . . but it is well worth the effort!

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