Colourful markets

While I wait for the next jaunt I’m filling in the time with some collections of some of my favourite photos from the past few years. Along with peeling paint and endless buildings I also have ¬†HUGE fascination for markets, food, textiles, herbs, spices, kitchen utensils – you name it, I love to snap it.Continue reading “Colourful markets”

Agra via Ranthambore

So after spending a fantastic couple of days in Jaipur at the lovely Dera Rawatsar hotel  we were heading off in the car again to Ranthambore national park in search of the almost mythical Indian Tiger!! We stayed overnight at the Hotel Ankur Resort which is a basic but clean place to rest your head.Continue reading “Agra via Ranthambore”

The Pink City Jaipur (AKA the slightly black, grimy city!!)

So we finally arrive in Jaipur,¬† I am eager to spot the Palace of the Winds and visit the Amber fort, but the weather has turned against us again! Thick fog rolls in and dismal greyness descends. Plus a local dignitary has passed away meaning pretty much everywhere is closed! But later on it getsContinue reading “The Pink City Jaipur (AKA the slightly black, grimy city!!)”