Colourful markets

While I wait for the next jaunt I’m filling in the time with some collections of some of my favourite photos from the past few years. Along with peeling paint and endless buildings I also have ¬†HUGE fascination for markets, food, textiles, herbs, spices, kitchen utensils – you name it, I love to snap it.Continue reading “Colourful markets”

Image of the day – backstreet art

Wall art is just one of the incredible sights I saw in Northern India. From Maharajahs riding horses on pulled down shop shutters to elegant goddesses adorning dirty backstreet walls, every passageway, building, wall and brickwork is adorned with decoration. Udiapur is one of the places with the most prolific artwork. Blue skinned Vishnus stareContinue reading “Image of the day – backstreet art”

Image of the day – monkey love

Today’s image of the day is of this adorable pair of langur monkeys taken in Pushkar. These inquisitive, long tailed creatures are considered holy by Hindus.   They are seen as a symbol of the deity Hanuman whose monkey army rescued Sita from the demon king Ravana.  Hanuman himself suffered burns in the attempt andContinue reading “Image of the day – monkey love”

Image of the day – Bishnoi life

As promised here’s another couple of my favourite images, again from our trip to India back in in 2010 / 11. We spent new year’s day with the Bishnoi tribe in their desert home. These pictures are of the tribal elder whose lined face shows the price that his hard life has taken. The wordContinue reading “Image of the day – Bishnoi life”

Image of the day

As I’m bang upto date with all my travel adventures and waiting eagerly to head off to Valencia, I thought I would take some time to highlight some of my favourite travels  photos from the past few years. Some I have shared before, some I’ve dusted off and bought into the light for the firstContinue reading “Image of the day”