Stunning Segovia

We’re taking the train from Madrid to the amazing town of Segovia. And when you arrive it is not hard to see what it is famous for! The centre of this pretty, Baverarianesque town is dominated by an incredible feat of Roman engineering. This amazing aqueduct is is one of the best-preserved elevated Roman aqueductsContinue reading “Stunning Segovia”

Laidback Lecce

Baroque fantasy Lecce is a marvel of architectural beauty with its buildings hewn from the local limestone. Building buffs will be spoilt for choice as they wander the streets gazing in awe upwards! Piazza del Duomo is surrounded by delightful buildings, so if you’re short on time then head there to soak up some ofContinue reading “Laidback Lecce”

Marvellous Monopoli

Another couple of Puglian towns to tick off the list are Monopoli and Poligano a Mare. Both are characterful and packed full of architecture and local colour. A colourful photographic exhibition dotted around Monopoli’s harbour details the local tradition of the Maya. Each spring young girls sit in elaborate altars decorated with fresh flowers toContinue reading “Marvellous Monopoli”