China Town and a taste of luxury

After our Buddha extravaganza we headed to the China Town district of Bangkok for two nights stay in the sumptuous Shanghai Mansion.

A lovely little taste of luxury in the middle of manic China Town. It’s a little hard to find, but once there is well worth it.

Rooms are each exquisitely decorated in 1930s Shanghai style, complete with water garden in the lobby. We stayed in the Peony Classic room with a huge free standing tub! Lovely!


You definitely need a little oasis of calm before heading out into the chaos that is China Town!

Crammed full of stalls and shacks selling every conceivable food, textile, craft or ornament, this is a whirlwind of colour, smells and humanity.

The small alleys and streets between Yaowarat Road and the Chao Phraya River are crammed with market stalls and small shops

Once crossing Chakraphek Road you will enter Pahurat – one of Chinatown’s premier attractions. Goods such as flip-flops, toys, household items, and herbs can be bought here.

There’s some uneasy practices too such as Sharks Fin soup, Birds Nest Soup and many exotic and unsustainable ingredients in the pharmacy

Neil is not too sure about this first foray into the world of exotic ingredients. . .

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