Silk and worms

Just uncovered a disk of extra photos from our 2013 Thai adventure. A trip around a Chiang Mai silk farm as part of a traditional crafts day! Apologies for the grainy pictures, it was quite dim inside for the sake of the moths!! The production of Thai silk begins with the Bombyx mori, a smallContinue reading “Silk and worms”

Snorkeling and freaking at fishes

We quite like the beach, the water, the waves and the sandy stuff. However it all gets a bit more intense when forced to come into close contact with the inhabitants of the big wet sea place! Hence the slightly manic grin on my face here. It is partly due to the rather bumpy / terrifyingContinue reading “Snorkeling and freaking at fishes”

Wat Chiang Mun

Ohhh found another Chiang Mai temple I had forgotten about! The beautiful Wat Chiang Mun with its incredible, multi coloured wall murals.  Photo frenzy!!!!!! The temple has gorgeous delicate red and gold paintings. The murals were repainted in 1996 and depict the founding of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai Chedi Chang Lom is the Elephant Chedi – theContinue reading “Wat Chiang Mun”

Umbrellas. Just umbrellas.

We took a brief trip to see one of the traditional crafts of the Chiang Mai area – umbrella making! So the man had to try and look even vaguely interested in this particular outing! Here’s one of the workers mashing up the mulberry pulp to make the actual umbrella shade. Creating the bamboo spokesContinue reading “Umbrellas. Just umbrellas.”