Cinque Terre and Florence

So after recovering from the epic trek from Vernazza to Monterosso (I may be exaggerating a trifle) we walked the Vie D’Amour (Sneakily after the ticket booth was closed) and checked out all the padlocks with peoples names on them to symbolise true, everlasting lurve . . .

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Other people, clearly with no padlocks, had simply entwined plastic in the shape of a heart, or fastened a hair band, brooch or other trifle to the cliffs.

We, romantics that we are, stuck a couple of mangy old bus tickets on the wire fence



Onwards, here’s Manarola, another cute little village clinging to the cliff . . . .

Then it’s off to the gorgeous Florence, full of mind blowing architecture.

Here is the Cathedral with its ornate facade  and the domed cathedral of the city, Santa Maria del Fiore, known as The Duomo. The iconic dome was built by Filippo Brunelleschi. The nearby Campanile was partly designed by Giotto.

The dome, 600 years after its completion, is still the largest dome built in brick and mortar in the world. (Cheers Wikipedi!)

View from the campanile shows the epic Duomo and the terracotta tiled city sprawling into the distance.

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Above are more details of the ornate cathedral facade.

And here’s the Ponte Vecchio (the old bridge) lined with super expensive jewellery shops.

And finally some pics of my favourite topic- piles of colourful food!!!


Cinque Terre and Florence

Cinque Terre and Florence

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