How the Italians do markets

My market odyssey continues during various trips throughout Italy. The magical city of Florence has a wealth of impressive markets including the¬†Central Market.¬†Butchers, fishmongers and delis are on the main floor, while fruit and vegetable sellers are on the top floor, Colourful soaps in every colour and perfume beguile the grimy travellers while pasta comesContinue reading “How the Italians do markets”

Cinque Terre and Florence

So after recovering from the epic trek from Vernazza to Monterosso (I may be exaggerating a trifle) we walked the Vie D’Amour (Sneakily after the ticket booth was closed) and checked out all the padlocks with peoples names on them to symbolise true, everlasting lurve . . . Other people, clearly with no padlocks, hadContinue reading “Cinque Terre and Florence”