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I have neglected the ole blog for a while as I have made the fatal error of upgrading to Flickr pro and am now utterly and totally addicted to uploading my entire back catalogue of travel photos. With my tendancy to be a trifle snap happy, it could take a while!

Check out some of my snaps by visiting my flickr account here, why not spend many happy minutes trawling through my endless pictures of the same beach, peeling paintwork, wonky old doors and other pointless holiday momentos that will mean nothing to anyone but me!

Here’s a few of my favourite random snap shots of signs and scrawls from recent jaunts . . . . ENJOY!

It’s a dog poop sign in Barcelona, but wait, the man has comedy goggly eyes, I find it childishly amusing.

Amusingly vandalised road sign in Florence, just after the monsoon hit us full pelt.

Italian shop keepers ask that you kindly refrain from shaking their plums

Some soppy graffiti in Bangkok as we cruised the waterways.

What can I say but I am utterly infantile and somewhat curious about what this Barcelona shop is selling. Not just dodgy DVDs about bottoms but compliments too, how wonderful, what a great idea for a commercial venture.

I will have a handful of smarm about how my eyes glitter like the stars and a blob of “are you that model off tv?” to take away thanks.

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