Heading down South for our anniversary

So in recent years our anniversary has been held in various venues ranging from Blackpool (1 year), Northern Ireland (2 year) Monaco (3 year) and Barcelona (4 year). This year we decided to venture to the South Coast, Newquay to be precise.

Off we headed on Friday, straight into diversions and roadworks around Birmingham, finally arrived in drizzley Newquay six and a half hours later . . . to the unedifying sight of drunken teenagers sitting in their own puke or laying on the pavement, legs akimbo. Ah the youth of today. Nice.

Checked into the travelodge, after finally gaining admittance from the skin headed bouncer they appeared to have guarding reception . .  not a great first impression, began to worry exactly what the room would be like.

But never fear readers, it was fine, room 207 even has a sea view from one of the windows, albeit covered in sea spray and salt. We also had an Aldi directly underneath us, so cheap booze and breakfast goodies!

So not quite as exciting a trip as recent ones have been but hey, it’s still a break!


Here’s some grey and drizzley pics from Newquay. Neil inspects Fistral beach and gig racers take over the habour for the day.
Here’s Neil getting over excited in St Ives . . .  .
Some boats moored up at St Ives harbour
Walkway out into the sea at St Ives
More rockpools on Fistral beach in the rain.

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