Floods devastate Cinque Terre

Just two months after we visited the region terrible flash flooding has hit the Cinque Terre in Northern Italy.

Vernazza and Monterosso were two of the worst hit villages with flood water decimating the tiny villages.

“Everything is missing here — supplies, water, electricity,” said Angelo Betta, mayor of the town of Monterosso in the scenic tourist area of Cinque Terre on the Ligurian coast in northwestern Italy.

“People are getting into their houses through the terraces, everything is flooded. Monterosso doesn’t exist anymore.”

It’s terrible to think that the little streets that we walked through in the blazing sunshine and the pretty harbour have been all but obliterated.

So far nine people have been reported dead and more missing. It seems unreal that we were there merely two months ago.

My thoughts go out to the residents of the area and hope they can begin to rebuild their shattered lives and livelihoods as soon as possible.

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