Montjuic, cable cars and distinct lack of Font Magica

Neil had bigged up the epic spectacle that is the Font Magica, apparently it is an amazing display of water, music and lights. So up we trundle and get a prime spot on the steps in preparation.

There’s lots of other eager tourists all sitting around like little flocks of sight seeing pigeons, all anticipating this feastival of light and sound.

And so we wait, and wait, and wait, here’s us waiting (before the novelty wore off)

And so the time came for the display to begin, and went. Five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour passed before Neil contemplated defeat, yet still his eyes were fixated pleadingly on the dark, unlit and distinctly unmagical Font Magica.

Not a flicker of light, not a whisper of sound, not a drop of water . . .  his little heart was broken . .

Admittedly the fact that there were lots of workmen banging around with big barriers and power tools should have alerted us to the fact that the fountain would probably not entrance us with its glories that evening. Neil’s little face was similar to a puppy that had been kicked.

Here’s how it should have looked . . (thanks Google)

But onwards from such disappointments, we had an epic climb upto Castle MontJuic to complete.All 213m of it.

The oldest sight on the Montjuïc is the Castell de Montjuïc, a large 18th century fortress. It was built by the Bourbons on the remains of a fort dating back to 1640. Originally built for the defense of Barcelona. It is a LONG way up.

This time it was my eyes looking longingly at the funicular that goes up the hill, but no. I had to walk / crawl to the top.

Montjuïc is home to the Anella Olímpica (Olympic Ring) which consists of a number of sports facilities built for the 1992 Olympics.

Below is the Olympic torch and some more random architecture.

Barcelona 2010 492 Barcelona 2010 494

At the center of the ring is the Olympic Stadium. Its exterior dates from 1929 but the interior of the stadium was completely rebuilt for the Olympics.

After a sweaty wander round Montjuic castle I finally was allowed on the Funicular, very exciting!!

Here’s Neil not filling me with confidence with his slightly deranged smile . .

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Here’s some of the views as we headed back down the hill. Spectacular!!!

Here’s a few random shots from the holiday to end with, us in front of some fountains and Neil attempting to highjack someone’s hair and pass it off as his own.
Some street art
More pretty architecture . . . . .
And a couple of posers . .

Catch up later for more ramblings through the holiday archives . . . . .  .

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