On a non travel related post . . . hello readers!

As  I ramble on about this and that, I do stop to wonder who, if anyone, actually reads this thing.

As it is mainly a trawl through my own holidays it is probably a bit of a self centred, egocentric thing to do, but I do seem to have a few people across the globe who take a gander occasionally.

Alas I have no actual followers so I can’t return the favour but I would love to know who you are, out there in cyber space, that take the time to browse the blog from time to time.

Drop me a line, write me a comment, I would love to say hello!!! Also if any one has any travel recommendations I would be keen to hear them, always on the look out for more inspiration.

I think Japan is high on the to do list, so if anyone has any tips or recommendations for visiting then I would be eager to hear them!!!

Ramble again soon . . .

One comment

  1. Anonymous · November 10, 2011

    I follow mibbles! X

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