Random facts about Krakow and some street scenes

Following on from our difficult day at the concentration camps we wanted to see another side to Poland so set off on a wander around Krakow old town.

Here’s some interesting (and not so interesting) facts about Krakow and some random photos from our aimless sauntering.

1) Legend has it that Krakow was founded by and named after the mythical ruler Krak, who built the town above a cave occupied by a ravenous dragon (hence the fire breathing dragon sculpture underneath Wawel)

2) Krakow was the capital of Poland from 1038 to 1596.

3) In 1978, UNESCO put Krakow’s historic centre on the list of World Heritage Sites.

4) The city has a population of approximately 760,000


A young girl busks for change in the street as the sun hits the detailed sculptures of apostles outside the Church of Saints Peter and Paul

A tethered balloon rises high above the city and optical illusions and religious scenes enliven the walls of a building.

I love the details and decorations on buildings, it’s not something we particularly have in England, except for grafitti

Ornate ironwork on door hinges and sun set over the old town

Igor Mitoraj ‘s sculpture‘Eros Bendato’ in the old main square (spot the cheeky photo bombing child!!)

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