Colourful shopping to be had

Here’s a few colourful pictures of some of the traditional handicrafts up for grabs in the Cloth Hall and other shops across Krakow.

The oldest and most traditional Polish fast food is obwarzanek. These bread rings have been baked in Krakow since the thirteenth century.


Painted eggs known as pisanki are a pretty souvenir to take home (and you can fits loads in your hand luggage!!!) They are usually decorated for Easter and are found, painted in jewel bright colours, in every shop window.

Colourful nesting dolls can be found in every shop window and make a great photo (if the shop owner doesn’t catch you first!!)

Although mainly associated in most people’s minds with Russia, nesting dolls are thought to have originated in China and can be found all over Eastern Europe in every shape, size and design.

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