Neatening up old posts, laughing at myself, Johnny Depp and SEO . . .

So, taking a brief break from narrating my latest exploits in Eastern Europe I have had a quick scan back through the past three years (!!) of blog posts.

As  I did so I’ve been tidying up posts.

Partly because a random picture of Johnny Depp as a vampire has started appearing on all my old blog posts rather mysteriously, but also partly because in the early days of my blogging it was a slapdash affair that seems to have very little regard for trivial things like correct spellings and grammar! (English graduate *hangs head in shame*)

ARRRGHHHH Johnny why? Why? Why? Stop taunting me . . . 

My blog has always been more of a stream of consciousness for me, and a place to put just a few of the myriad of travel photos that I take, rather than an active attempt to reach out and connect with a wider audience.

Of course I love that one or two people (if I am lucky) take the time to read what I commit to paper (or the online version of paper anyway!)

But in recent weeks I have been trying to up my game, partly because in my line of work – PR – the future is online and digital and I really need to get to grips with SEO, PPC and a whole host of other bewildering acronyms. And where better to start experimenting than with my little blog baby.

So I need to “engage with a virtual audience” and “write myself into existence” if the online masters are to be believed.

Hence my closer attention to what I write and how I write it, plus a general neatening up of old posts.

I’ve also had a fair few chuckles at some of my more whinge making posts (I admit it, I amuse myself)

Why not treat yourself to a skip back in time to some of my earlier musings. You never know, I might amuse you too!!!

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