Blow to the ego but digital learning!

(This post relates to my old blogger site BTW)

Mixing up the posts a little now, a bit of travel, a bit of digital learning through trial and error!

Today’s lesson – viewers, audience and discrepancies between the figures on Blogger’s stats and Google analytics.

A while ago I managed to install Google analytics to track page views and visits to the ole blog (I know, clever me!!)

But I was slightly confused about the far healthier stats I was getting reported on Blogger (30/40 hits a day) compared to the meagre hits that GA told me in a slightly glum and censorious tone (5 per day!!)

For a while I was content to skip along in blissful ignorance and go by the far better Blogger stats, but, in the spirit of trying to get to grips with this here internet, digital malarkey, I thought I better check out why there is such a discrepancy.

Turns out that GA is by far the most accurate and reliable source of visits (but also the most soul destroyingly honest) where as Blogger, like a kind relative that assures you that “yes dear you have talent” records every little cough, spit and interaction that the world wide web makes with your site.

This means including the creepy spiderbots that “crawl” the internet and your pages for content to index.

So most of my visitors, that I had hoped were of the fleshy human variety, are actually virtual crawlers, swarming my site on a daily basis and inflating my score (and ego) artificially!!

BOOOO and a little bit flesh crawly . . . .

Oh well, you live and learn . . .

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