All aboard the night train . . .

No apologies for using the title of one of my all time favourite cheesy mid 90s dance tunes in the name of this post!

Waving goodbye to Poland we got set to board the night train to Prague. Leaving Krakow at 10.01pm it rolls into the Czech Republic at 7.30am.

For some reason you can’t easily book Polish rail tickets online without using a third party so we opted for the services of Polrail to buy the tickets on our behalf.

We got them to post the tickets to us at home before we arrived in Poland. Slightly apprehensive at first about doing it this way but they provided a quality service and the tickets were dispatched in good time.

You can contact them here:

We scoped out the train station the night before just to make sure we knew which platform the train left from as the train timetables are rather large, unwieldy and not conducive to a quick scan in a hurry!

Here’s Neil about to board the night train. Check you’re in the right compartment as the train splits at some point in the night, some carriages go to Prague, others head off to Budapest!!


Here’s the interior of our cosy home for the night, a two berth couchette. Complete with hidden sink (demonstrated below) two bunk beds and very warm bottled water! The room was SUPER hot as it was a roasting day

We were warned to put the window up when we went to sleep (I can only assume it is to stop the person on the top bunk flying feet first out of it while they slumber!)

After enjoying the novelty of sitting at the window watching the night time scenery fly past for a few hours Neil slept like a baby.

I lay awake all night . . . it was not the quietest of nights due to the shunting and bumping as the train decoupled carriages and adds others, not to mention the station announcements throughout the night.

We were woken (those who slept) by the guard giving us a morning wakeup call and a tea and croissant. All in all a novel experience that made me feel like a proper (albeit knackered) traveller!!! (I can now see the attraction of cris- crossing a country by rail)

Arriving at Prague it was already 27 degrees at half seven in the morning . .. no signs of the previous flooding. It was going to be a scorcher!!!

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