Singapore snippets

Before we scale the heady heights of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, we take another turn around the Gardens by the Bay.

We also mooch around the harbour area and enjoy some majestic architecture!

The lotus shaped building below is the ArtScience Museum.The ten ‘fingers’ contain gallery spaces with skylights.

The husband serves as a handy photo prop for architecture and the latest in a line up of barbie dolls.

Then it’s back to the amazing Garden by the Bay for another gawk at the super trees.

Enjoy some grainy footage of the amazing gardens and the exotic gardens.

From every angle there’s amazing vistas of the incredible gardens. This is my particular favourite.

Come walk with us amongst the super trees!! It really is an amazing spectacle.

Check out the goofy grin – Singapore is amazing!

Colourful chaos

One of my favourite things to do in a new city is just to mooch around and soak up the sights.

In Singapore’s Little India district you are besieged by sights, sounds, smells and colours.

From gorgeous floral garlands for use in temples, weddings and special occasions to piles of fresh, mouth watering produce.

My favourite exotic fruit – the rambutan – is to be found piled high with its prickly little exterior hiding a small, white fruit.

As well as fruit and flowers you can rifle through endless lovely handicrafts from embroidered umbrellas to wooden carvings – fancy a tiger dear . . .?

Even now my mouth waters at the endless selection of fruit juices on offer here.

From honey lemon to sugarcane juice, papaya to lychee, there’s a colourful option for everyone!

Finally before we head off I spot a bucket full of stunning lotus blossoms.

These sculptural blossoms can often be found gracing temples as offerings to deities.

The Lotus flower is regarded in many different cultures, especially in eastern religions, as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.

Its characteristics are a perfect analogy for the human condition – even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower.

Wall art

If like me you’re reduced to a snap happy frenzy at the sight of some colourful wall art then you’ll be in seventh heaven in Singapore.

We stumbled across these spectacular examples in Little India and naturally I had to spend a while taking some snaps!

These joy filled images are Kathaka by Didier Mathieu aka Jaba – the name is a reference to a type of Indian dance.

You can find them at 68 Serangoon Road, at the junction with Upper Dickson Road

And just across the road is a mural by Eunice Lim called Book-a-Meeting for Artwalk Little India 2018 which is an extension of the 30-year old Siyamala bookstore it is connected to.

I enjoy the cheeky cow seemingly taking a look at the sombre hubby!!!

Singapore sensory overload

I’m so far behind with my travel blog that I’m only just starting on the first trip of 2019!!

As it was a ‘big’ birthday year I got to chose where we headed for our long haul adventure – and it just had to be back to Vietnam. The place that set off my love affair with Asia way back in 2008.

We also decided to stop over in Singapore for a few days too. So let’s dive headfirst into these amazing places.

We stayed in the lovely Summer View hotel that was ideally placed to explore this hectic city.

There’s lots of fascinating districts in Singapore including Arab street and the colourful Little India district which is where I dragged the hubby first!

From multi-coloured shutter and incredible street art, to buildings so candy coloured that you want to nibble them, this area is amazing to just wander round and soak up the sights.

The incredible House of Tan Teng Niah is one such incredible rainbow hued sight.

The house was built in 1900 and belonged to Tan Teng Niah, a Chinese merchant who made sweets and sold them in stores along nearby Serangoon Road.

Gorgeous isn’t it! You can find this little gem by taking the MRT to Little India Station, taking exit E and following the snap happy tourists 🙂

Every wall and building is a colour clashing dream – even the toilet below is a pastel coloured delight!

Brace yourselves . . . IT’S JAPAN

So finally, four months after the event I can finally get around to documenting the most epic trip I’ve ever taken…… JAPAN!

We’ve been lucky enough to see some amazing places do far including India, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia to name just a few, but Japan. Now that’s something else!

It’s been my one bucket list destination.


A shimmering dream that I never really believed we’d actually manage to achieve. But we decided to take the plunge to celebrate our ten year anniversary!!!

Naturally I had to plan everything in painstaking detail, more a military campaign than a relaxing break . . . here’s a look at my 30 page itinerary (yep you read that right . . )

Our 19 day trip would start in frenetic, zany, hyper powered Tokyo.


Then we’d head into the Japanese alps to the gorgeous little town of Takayama.


Then to Hiroshima to see the sombre vestiges of the second world war in the form of the A dome and Peace Museum.


We’d then spend several days in beautiful Kyoto hunting for Geisha.


Then round the trip off in colourful, crazy Osaka with its giant sushi signs and department store complete with Ferris wheel.


We booked our flights nice and early (in February for a trip in October) which meant we managed to secure very good ticket prices with Emirates.


As we knew we’d be travelling a lot we invested in a Japan Rail Pass.


It might not be right for everyone and it’s  a big chunk of money to stump up front, but for us it saved money on the numerous bullet train journeys we’d undertake.

We booked all our hotels on months before we headed out as October tends to be quite a popular time of year to visit and it does get booked up quite quickly, especially in Tokyo.

We stayed in some budget business hotels, a wonderful traditional home-stay as well as a quirky capsule hotel.

Here’s the list of where we stayed (in case you need any accommodation ideas!):

Hotel Rose Garden, Shinjuku

Net Booth Capsule Hotel, Shinjuku

Guest house and cafe SOY, Takayama

Toyoko Inn Hiroshima-eki Minamiguchi-mig, Hiroshima

Hotel Grand Bach, Kyoto

Kyoto Guesthouse Lantern, Gion

Sunroute, Osaka Namba, Osaka.

So sit back and brace yourself for  veritable glut of all things Japanese. Buckle up, it’s a crazy ride!!!!!!