Singapore snippets

Before we scale the heady heights of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, we take another turn around the Gardens by the Bay. We also mooch around the harbour area and enjoy some majestic architecture! The lotus shaped building below is the ArtScience Museum.The ten ‘fingers’ contain gallery spaces with skylights. The husband serves as aContinue reading “Singapore snippets”

Colourful chaos

One of my favourite things to do in a new city is just to mooch around and soak up the sights. In Singapore’s Little India district you are besieged by sights, sounds, smells and colours. From gorgeous floral garlands for use in temples, weddings and special occasions to piles of fresh, mouth watering produce. MyContinue reading “Colourful chaos”

Singapore sensory overload

I’m so far behind with my travel blog that I’m only just starting on the first trip of 2019!! As it was a ‘big’ birthday year I got to chose where we headed for our long haul adventure – and it just had to be back to Vietnam. The place that set off my loveContinue reading “Singapore sensory overload”

Brace yourselves . . . IT’S JAPAN

So finally, four months after the event I can finally get around to documenting the most epic trip I’ve ever taken…… JAPAN! We’ve been lucky enough to see some amazing places do far including India, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia to name just a few, but Japan. Now that’s something else! It’s been my one bucketContinue reading “Brace yourselves . . . IT’S JAPAN”

Image of the day – Bishnoi life

As promised here’s another couple of my favourite images, again from our trip to India back in in 2010 / 11. We spent new year’s day with the Bishnoi tribe in their desert home. These pictures are of the tribal elder whose lined face shows the price that his hard life has taken. The wordContinue reading “Image of the day – Bishnoi life”

In honour of bonfire night

Taking a break from South of France, in honour of bonfire night and the fireworks extravaganza that is Nov 5th, here’s some pics from THE best ever fireworks display I have ever seen. It’s the opening ceremony of the East Asia Games in 2009 in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. As viewed from the Salisbury YMCAContinue reading “In honour of bonfire night”