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As I’m bang upto date with all my travel adventures and waiting eagerly to head off to Valencia, I thought I would take some time to highlight some of my favourite travels  photos from the past few years.

Some I have shared before, some I’ve dusted off and bought into the light for the first time. All of them evoke memories of amazing countries, incredible sights and a sense of adventure that reminds me of why I travel to begin with.

Today’s photograph is one of my all time favourite snaps. Taken in the busy Sardar market in bustling, chaotic Jodhpur. We were on a whirlwind trip around Rajhasthan in North India, saturated in colour, noise, taste and humanity.

I had struggled to get any sharp shots of the shy women of the north, swathed in their jewel bright saris they would always look away or cover their faces.

Until I managed, or was allowed, to get this picture of one of the market stall women. It was only later at home that I actually got to appreciate the direct, frank gaze that she levelled on me!

It instantly takes me back to our first ever chaotic, polluted, dusty yet exhilarating visit to to India.

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