Bangkok street food and nibble vendors!

One of the commonest sights in Bangkok, apart from the endless massage shops, are the proliferation of street food sellers.

On every street in long, steaming, fragrant lines, hidden beneath underpasses, knocking on your car window, running up to your tuc tuc, squeezed into every conceivable nook and cranny you will find them.

Whether it is selling fresh fruit juices of every colour and flavour to oddly shaped meat items of dubious origins.

Wherever you look there will be someone selling something! Here’s a man with lucky piggy banks, I know you can’t eat them but his smiley face deserves inclusion!

A traditional method of carrying your wares is demonstrated by this seller working the amulet market close to Wat Pho.

Suspicious faces mirror my thoughts on what they are selling. . . .

Pad Thai, the traditional, iconic dish of the nation is advertised on this make shift stall.

Tiny boiled quail eggs make a mini mouthful while jewel bright juices tempt a thirsty, hot tourist.

You will never go hungry in Thailand, and with mere pocket change you can eat like a king!

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