Amulet market, Wat Pho

One of the things on my to do list when I returned to Bangkok was to roam through one of the charming amulet markets. I got the chance during our river cruise day when we disembarked close to Wat Pho.

A long tree lined street with lots of sellers, mainly sat cross legged on the ground with mounds upon mounds of little carved protection charms in front of them.

As well as the dizzying choice of dinky amulets you can also buy tiny frames and plastic cases to protect your chosen trinket.

There’s bronze ones, silver ones, oh so shiny thin gold ones, stamped ones, carved ones, vividly coloured imaged ones and so much more

As well as metal ones of all shapes and sizes there’s carved stones too. Some of the amulets are very rare and sort after and can exchange hands for a lot of money.

You’ll see lots of old men, sitting, magnifying glass in hand, poring over hundreds of the tiny things, checking the authenticity of them.

The amulets are made by monks and are thought to offer protection, whether in business transactions, health, wealth or whatever it is you are hoping for.

Here’s one of the vendors taking a snack break. After doing my own prolonged poring over items I eventually bought 10 cute little amulets to take home and attach to a charm bracelet. Fingers crossed they give me some protection!

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