Hmong hill tribe

During our stay in Chiang Mai we took a few trips to the surrounding areas. One of these was a trip to the holy site of Doi Suthep. A shining temple on the mountain side.

On route to the temple we spent some time at a nearby Flower Hmong hill tribe village. The Hmong can be found in several countries but are believed to originate from Southern China.

P1140623P1140629P1140622 P1140624 

The village was pristinely manicured – not sure if the people really live there or whether it’s just a tourist pit stop.

Either way it was incredibly pretty with water falls, immaculate flower beds and colourfully dressed villagers.


Wooden huts cling to the hill side and Neil tries to sneak into one unnoticed.



Although it looks bright and sunny, it’s actually quite nippy! Neil heads off in search of a hot coffee and they wheel out a pot of hot coals for him to toast himself on.


Meanwhile I slope off to the labyrinth of market stalls and take snaps of the colourful Hmong women (although I suspect the two girls below may well be tourists!)

P1140640 P1140658 P1140641

Of course, the obligatory markets were calling me . . . . here’s a few snapshots in case you feared I was losing my love for them . . .


The older woman in the middle is one of the villagers, wearing the gorgeous traditional costume of the Flower Hmong tribe.


It is characterised with the use of many striking colours, embroidery, beaded fringing and silver jewellery. All culminating in an incredible display of vibrant colour, pattern and texture.


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