Doi Suthep 2

Doi Suthep is an astonishing temple complex, perched high on the mountain side. Its site was established, according to legend, by a white elephant, bearing a sacred relic of Buddha, choosing the site.

Whatever the reason it is a cornucopia of architecture, colour and glitz. With delicate detailing covering every inch of the buildings.

It’s a temple lovers dream! Here’s some pics of the gorgeous detailing, including a replica of the original Emerald Buddha that used to be housed in the temple.

P1140699 P1140701 P1140703 P1140707 P1140708 P1140714

As you wander the temple complex you’ll come across lots of unusual and eye catching details. The central chedi is a blindingly gorgeous sight.

P1140729 P1140731 P1140732

It’s surrounded by other beautiful details such as red and gold patterned wood


There are also prayer bells where people write their heartfelt wishes on the delicate dangling decorations.


The temple complex is a mix of Buddhist and Hindu mythology so you’ll see a variety of different religious iconology.

Below are temple offerings of money, a Hindu multi armed Ganesh style god and a large prayer gong.

P1140751 P1140761 P1140765

The temple relies on donations in order to keep going and to help the monks who live there all year round. So you’ll find plenty of places to place your spare change.


These range from delicate silver cups to adorable mini monks!


These pair have more than a passing resemblance to my erstwhile travelling companion . .


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