Mae Sai, as far north as you go

Mae Sai is the northernmost district of Chiang Rai and indeed Thailand. The town of Mae Sai is a major border crossing between Thailand and Burma.

P1140525 P1140528

We were able to see the border, tantalisingly close, just a five minute walk across a bridge! As it was, here’s the nearest we got to the enigmatic country of Myanmar.


Of course, there were also markets to be explored, but we only had a very short time before we headed off again, so here’s a whistlestop tour!


I am always intrigued by the boxes, bags and packets of dried seeds, mushrooms and other exotic edibles.


There’s always an elephant somewhere!


As well as vendors carrying goods  . . .


And here’s a few more stall holders. Some looking happier than others

P1140553 P1140569P1140574

. . . . . apologies for the brevity of the post!


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