Lahu mountain village

Our mountain top village home felt truly remote from the rest of the world – we were so high up we looked down on the clouds!


Over the corragated metal roofs you can see some of the scenery we’d treked through.


Our home for the night is a communal room in one of the traditional stilt huts. Here’s an example.


Leaving our mountain man guide to crack on with dinner, we went exploring the village. Despite being 1,200 metres above sea level, with a vertiginous winding track up as its only access, it was buzzing with motorbikes and trucks coming and going.


The village had quite a few amenities with a school and shops, not to mention a breath taking view over the surrounding area.


If you look very closely behind Neil, the man in the distance is carrying a gun . . .


We saw the daily rituals of life played out just the same as everywhere else, from laundry to cheeky children!

P1090173 P1090169P1090184

Then we have a chill out in one of the best located hammocks I think I will ever recline in (after taking about ten minutes to actually get in it!!)

P1090156 P1090159 P1090157

As the sun sets we get the chance to see the clouds beneath us and reflect on an amazing first day of wilderness exploration!

P1090180 P1090204

Not sure if Neil’s expression is something to do with the fact that he needed to use the ‘facilities’ – see below!!


Behind us you can see the evening clouds floating above the tops of the mountain ranges.


I take a brief moment outside our hut. Possibly one of the best views from a bedroom ever!!!!


Tomorrow we’ll be heading back down the mountain towards our next base camp by the river.

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