Farmland, jungles and foothills.

After having breakfast at our wooden hut home we were ready for the next stage of our little adventure. Making our way back down the mountain towards the river where we would spend the next night.

We say our goodbyes to the Lahu villagers and head off.

P1090213 P1090142 P1090216

We make our way through farmland, including a remote hillside cornfield where Abba shows us a sample of the freshly grown crop.

P1090254 P1090235 P1090239

As the heat starts to increase, we continue our march through the verdant green landscape. Scrambling down steep paths and striding along narrow, twisting paths that cling to the hillside.

P1090230 P1090242 P1090234

It might look grey and hazy but it’s already fairly darn warm! Above you can see a farm worker taking a break in the most picturesque setting imaginable.

P1090251 P1090225 P1090224

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