Waterfalls and freezing feet!

As we head further back down the hillside the scenery begins to change. It’s getting wetter, greener and defiantly more junglely!

We stop for a brief refuel at another tiny village before ploughing onwards across rivers and streams. My fellow travellers manage to negotiate these things fairly easily, I however, end up feet first in the water and have very soggy trainers for the rest of the day!

P1090257 P1090263 P1090262

About a 1.5 hour trek bought us to a waterfall for lunch where we sampled some local moonshine and ate our dinner with chopsticks whittled before our very eyes. However it’s a steep scabble down to the pit stop!

P1090272 P1090271 P1090270

P1090292 P1090277 P1090289

In the next installment we continue to walk through the jungle, farmland and foothills of the areas inhabited by the hill tribes to the jungle camp by the river. We also get the chance to swim in a very violent waterfall!!!

A few more random shots of us traipsing along!

DSCF0082 DSCF0077 DSCF0076

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